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April 27, 2011


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A (fictitious) Newspaper Report Part 4 (1995 edited April 2011)

Imagine the following headlines on the front page of major newspapers and on covers of major magazines across the world —-


Decline connected directly to the closing of factory farms, animal research labs, puppy mills.

Preservation of rainforests also has positive effect.

The discovery of an electricity-like energy that connects every living thing on our planet, one to the other, has led to conclusive evidence that the mass killing of sentient animals in our slaughter houses inflicts the same damage to a person’s psychological health as a punch in the stomach does to the physical body.

The consequences of this connection are amazing. Stopping cruelty can now be considered an act of SELF DEFENSE, the same self defense employed by a person thwarting off a physical attacker!

Discoverer’s call it making the CRUELTY CONNECTION.

The shocking and astounding evidence mounts and leads to the virtual conclusion that, just as ingesting bad food makes a person ill, negative experiences suffered unnecessarily by sentient beings at the hands of man can poison all of us. The effects of this “invisible poison” range from mental disorders and depression to frustrations leading to violent crimes, AND may even be linked to immune -suppression linked diseases such as AIDS.


No longer can an animal research proponent use the arugment: to save a child we must kill animals in research. For the very act of the cruelty involved in that research is making all children ill,including the very ones intended to be saved. The implication is that compassion has a healing effect and that the elimination of cruelty will keep the child healthy to begin with.

A consortium of animal rights organizations will soon release their findings in a paper that defines Cruelty as any act or behavior that inflicts pain unnecessarily for reasons motivated by luxury/vanity sport, or intellectual curiosity. This avoids the arguments such as: what about Eskimos eating meat, animals in the wild eating each other or even the question of becoming a vegetarian. Once the facts are out and the public sees the connection to their own health, animal rights researchers believe that the appropriate steps will be taken. Says one animal rights official. “If a person sees a speeding truck bearing down on them, the person gets out of the way. Once our study hits the public, what each person must do to protect themselves will be as clear as jumping out of the truck’s path. Cruelty is a speeding truck; let’s eliminate it.”


The study holds that we should not be surprised that this invisible link between all life forms exists. All of us have experienced the vibrational effect another person can have on us. Our language is replete with words and sayings such as “team spirit” “being psyched up” and indeed it is this very connection that leaders call upon when they talk of patriotism.

For ages, the great philosophers and religious teachers have preached that good thoughts beget good things, that thoughts ARE things. Recently practitioners of Transcendental Mediation have proven that if a certain percentage of people meditate in a given area, on peace and love, crime rates go down, and on a personal level, blood pressure can be lowered.

Jung’s “collective unconscious” speaks of a cosmic cloud enveloping our world and raining down upon it the contents of the cloud.  The cloud is inherently good, but as it collects the ongoing thought/behaviour patterns from all life on earth, negative signals competing with positive signals , can distort the cloud into negativity. The result is an invisble rain shower, analogous to the acid rain caused by chemical factory smokestacks. This invisible negative rain -shower affects a person’s inherent well being with psychological ills that eventually lead to physical disease.


Just as a chemical factory sends poisons into the air, the immeasurable suffering that animals experience on factory farms and in the slaughter houses is bombarding the invisible ethers and is so distorting them with negativity that not only are people being made ill, but so are other animals as well as the winds, rains, seasons, growth of plants and amounts of sunshine. The leads to the theory that cataclysmic earth shifts could occur.

What we sow, we reap, takes on an immediate and ominous meaning.


Just as now non-smokers can accuse a smoker of causing them injury, we can accuse those who commit cruelty of committing crimes against ourselves and our children. “When a person scares off a deer in the forest so that a hunter can’t shoot it, the person can now claim it is act of self-defense.” states one animal rights official, “furthermore, once the hunter sees that he himself will suffer from an act of cruelty, apart from being called a criminal, it would appear that all logical persons would lay down their guns.”


A detailed paper from the consortium will be published soon. In the meantime it is advised the people immediately write their legislators asking that reviews be made of the conditions on factory farms, slaughterhouses, research laboratories, and puppy mills. Animal breeding and ownership of pets might well come under the same scrutiny as having children, ‘for once again we must remember the cruelty connection”, an offical states, ” the irresponsible pet owner who chains a puppy outside in freezing weather is committing a crime against you and me. The victims of abuse, children or animals include all of us.”

Animals rights is no longer a fringe cause, a case of the overly sentimental, or a question of ethics: it is the prevention of crime and a call to self defense.


Albert Einstein called for “a new way of thinking”. Albert Schweitzer called “for a reverence for all life.” Intuitively both these great men have tapped into this invisible link that now, erupted by the intense negativity of man’s bad choices has manifested itself as a deadly psychological acid-rain via the animals that share the earth with us.


The preamble of the report has been already made public. It states: “Universe” means “one sound”. Now perhaps all of us will sing it, and when we do we will return to the harmony inherent in creation, we will return to harmony in quantum leaps, an ever quickening of higher consciousness, of attunement and balance, for what you are about to read will resonate in the song which is your soul, and upon hearing it you will recognize that its voice is yours, and as you sing it to others and they sing it to you everyone has everything and so you have no need to want but for one thing: the desire to sing. 


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