David J. Mauriello

May 10, 2009

Brown Beauty’s Prayer

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Brown Beauty’s Prayer

Brown Beauty’s Prayer (copyright David J. Mauriello)

YOU have not yet understood that we, like your hands, eyes, feet, your heart and your emotions, are part of you?  YOU have not yet realized that what harms us, even if you are unaware of it, harms you and your children.


I am a horse, a mare. I roamed the wild country of the West. One day they came flying over us with helicopters. We ran but to where? My foal tried its best to keep up with me but it soon collapsed from exhaustion and fear. I was pushed on by the tide of the herd, horses that only moments before were calmly grazing but now were wide- eyed with fear, hearts thumping visibly as if they would burst through their bodies.

Captured, with no water or food, packed into trucks so tightly that if one fell it would be trampled beneath the hooves of the others.

Then singled out, put into a tight stall where I could not turn. A man approached with a long sharp knife. I tried to see what he was doing but he stayed far enough towards my back that I could not turn my neck sufficiently to see him. And then came the pain. I screamed. Again and again, the knife was pushed into my flesh. I twisted, recoiled, kicked against the hard wooden bars, anything to escape. But to no avail.

I was being stabbed and bled to death while fully conscious.

Worse, I was being betrayed by my angels.

My last cry was not for myself.  It was a plea to the angels of all animals – YOU – to stop the darkness that is slowing overwhelming the light of the world.

You don’t see the shadows falling quickly. You think what has happened to me is separate from your fate.

But consider what I have already said. “Like your hands, eyes and feet, and your heart and emotions, I am part of you?” How can this be? you ask.

We are connected by a universal sympathetic nervous system. It exists invisibly in the space between you and me and all others, space you believe to be empty. But it is not empty. It is filled with pure light that in a coarser form is energy. It is the Creator’s light and energy. It is the thought pattern, the blueprint for the world. That energy is affected by what you and I do and what others do. When we love, the energy vibrates with love and like a peaceful sea kisses calmly on the shores of your life and the lives of all others.

When you experience the touch of this invisible energy you are soothed, you are calm, you are enjoying the purpose of creation which is to be love.

But what of the absolute terror I experienced?  What do you experience when you feel its touch. And you will feel it for it does not die when I do. That is why I cry out to you, angels of the animals.

Once created, terror does not disappear. It is transferred to the energy field and like an angry sea it dashes against all living things. Fortunately, your creator gave you bulwarks for protection. But as more and more terror is created, those bulwarks, your innate sense of goodness and honor and civility, will begin to crumple and turn into depression, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, suicide and rage.  These are the symptoms of one who is in a constant state of fight or flight, symptoms of one under constant attack, symptoms of one who is gravely ill.

My angels, you are under constant attack. Sending money to animal rights organizations, writing laws to stop using animals in medical laboratories – these are all worthy and are signs of your compassion.

But these measures still leave YOU open to attack. As long as you see us separate from you, you will fail to take the most crucial action of all. The action you must take is SELF DEFENSE.

Are you still not convinced that what is happening to me is also happening to YOU?

Consider the horror and terror, the anguish I experience as I am being slaughtered.

 Now look at the world around you: my suffering is mirrored in the pandemic of depression, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, suicide and rage. These things are the result of the poison polluting the once pure light of the energy field. Do you feel blue today? Do you feel melancholy? Yet there seems to be no apparent cause. The cause is myterror that is released into the energy field. It matters not that you are unaware of what has happened to me. The terror still invades your life. You are silently being poisoned by chronic stress because you inherit my experience as – not feeling well, being depressed, melancholy, morose. More, you develop physical ailments, high blood pressure, aches, cancers.

And the effects of the poison are not always passive or unclear. They can result in specific horrific acts. For example, witness the mass shootings that are becoming commonplace in your culture. As the light fades, as it succumbs to darkness, your weary defense mechanisms grow “used” to these vicious occurrences.

Again, consider my plight. Imprisoned in a tight stall with no chance of escape as I am stabbed repeatedly. My terror has housed itself in the bodies of human victims as, in one shocking episode which made headlines, they are “herded” into a backroom, bound and systematically slaughtered. Is this not what happened to me? The perpetrator has been given an invisible movie script from which he/she acts by my specific bloody ending and by the grossly inhuman slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals, indeed millions, that are butchered every minute. And you cannot escape because we are totally connected.

My angels, do not look away as your children are being made ill. Why are they so unhappy? Why do they need “instant” gratification for their physical desires? Because they are filled with terror toxins. They need more and more violent stimulus to “feel.” More and more find that stimulus in rage, hatred for themselves and you, and even suicide.

 Another sign that the poison is overwhelming your body is the emphasis your culture puts into the intellectual realm, the so called rational mind. You have lost your intuitive sense, a pure and sensitive aspect of human nature that is snuffed out by the sheer weight of physical overloads. You misread the Bible that speaks of your dominion over the ‘beasts’. The beast referred to is the emphasis you put on your lower self and the illusion that you are separate from us and therefore free of what befalls us.

You therefore think I and all animals are dumb, insensitive, incapable of feeling pain, or of thinking.

But we are living the role assigned to us in the blueprint of creation. This is our work, to be the beast of burden, to submit to you our angel masters. Did not Jesus play his role? One could say he was stupid. He could foresee his future but he lived it anyway. He bowed his head and submitted to the harness of the prophecy just as we submit to you. He suffered, as we do, but was still hopeful that he could awaken you to your true nature which is love.

Your role in creation is to be merciful, kind, and certainly not cruel. And to be happy! Are you happy? I don’t mean a momentary giggle, a flash of contentment. I mean joy, a sense of well being, optimism, fearlessness, a hunger to do nothing else but to spread love. Oh what a wonderful role you have been given. Imagine it.  In fulfilling your role you come face to face with the creator. You come to know that you are immortal.

Dwell on the virtues. As the terror- poison causes you to forget your true nature, they are your reminders. The virtues are the antidotes to the toxin invading your soul. “Drink” them in just as you would wash a wound with clean water.

Now examine the sources of the poison and eradicate those sources quickly. There are many ; slavery, intolerance, genocide, torture and cruelty to animals and to the earth. And, hypocrisy, the hypocrisy of those in power who fail to carry out their responsibility to protect the animals from cruelty.

There is not much time. A tipping point will soon be reached when the poison completely overwhelms the good.

You will see the signs.

When evil men are appeased. When compromise of principle is the natural order. When you find there is no one you can trust. When the young “follow” men who speak false words about the importance of our physical bodies while forgetting how to think for themselves. Why is this so? The terror toxin is in their veins. They can no longer see because of the increasing darkness.

But the tipping point can go the other way. If enough of you inject love into the energy field, the poison will be neutralized and eventually will disappear. Love is more contagious than the poison for it is who you are. Every act of love can defeat ten acts of hate. So use your advantage.

I am a horse, a mare. I am helpless to act in the physical realm now that I have been slaughtered. But my prayer can still impress the energy field and thereby reach you. I pray my foal survived and has at least some years free in the open country where the wind blows clean. I remember those days, when I would lift my head from the sweet clover and my nostrils would quiver in the delight of the smell of rain borne on the cool gentle wind. I can hear the thud of the hoof beats of my family as we cantered joyously over the hills. Ah, those velvet dark nights when we were crowned with stars. We knew then that we had to live the role assigned to us. That it would be a terrible thing to fulfill it completely but those few years of freedom gave us the strength to do it – for you, our angels. I am a plain horse, brown in color, with quite a full mane and luxurious tail. My eyes are dark brown. They reflect the light. I shine them on you. I trust you. I know you will come to the defense of we your animal friends by defending yourselves. And that we will not have suffered and died in vain.



  1. good idea im gonna try it

    Comment by state abbreviations — January 1, 2012 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

  2. I believe that the universe is linked with some spiritually, and I believe that human beings are the only beast, unfortunately

    Comment by khalaf — June 3, 2012 @ 9:09 pm | Reply

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