David J. Mauriello

March 17, 2008


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Most of us, when we support an animals rights/welfare group do it out of compassion. This speaks well of our humane nature. But by helping to eliminate cruelty to animals we may be increasing our own chances to a healthier life.

It wasn’t long ago that non-smokers didn’t realize that smokers were endangering everyone’s health. It was also not long ago that most of didn’t link the smoke spewing from the chimneys of chemical factors as the reason for our polluted lakes and rivers, our dead fish and our poisoned air. Then we became aware of the danger of second-hand smoke and second-hand poison and when we made the connection between those things and our own health we banned them both as an act of SELF DEFENSE.

Eliminating cruelty to animals is also a matter of our SELF DEFENSE.

Most of us, if we witness first hand an act of cruelty feel “sickened”. And if we were to actually see what happens in slaughterhouses, puppy mills, fur farms, vivisection laboratories or on wild horse roundups, we would also feel sick. As bad as we might feel, this “sickness’ is usually temporary, although over time it might have a lasting negative effect.

But there is something much more dangerous and DIRECT – the cruelty that happens out of sight and beyond our awareness. I call it SECOND-HAND CRUELTY, and we must make the connection between it and our own health just as we have made the connection between second-hand smoke.

I believe that cruelty, first or second hand, produces negative emotional trauma that affect the entire human population.

How can cruelty we don’t know about be connected to our health?

My theory rests on the premise that all of us, indeed all sentient life forms, are connected by a single consciousness and by an invisible sympathetic nervous system, that, when in danger, goes into the “fight or flight” syndrome.

We have all experienced this syndrome. Our pulse races, our temperature rises, our bodies tense, our heart is stressed, we are fearful and anxious. We know that a body in the fight or flight syndrome mode produces chemicals and responses that otherwise do not exist or at least not in the same amounts. A body that is constantly in this fight or flight mode will not be healthy for long and certainly the inhabitant of that body will not be happy or peaceful.

Not only are the animals suffering from cruelty but we too are its victim. Because we are connected as a single consciousness, the flight of flight syndrome affects us all. We can prove this connection when we examine the symptoms exhibited by the first-hand victim of cruelty and those of the second-hand victims; in the first case, fear, terror, pain, struggle to escape, misery and in the second, resulting from the first and affecting our entire culture; a pandemic of depression , unhappiness, tension, anxiety, rage, violence and suicide.

Some of the worst sources of cruelty and those we can do something about have been listed above; the slaughterhouses, puppy mills, etc. I call these sites of horror our “cruelty smokestacks” which emit, instead of smoke or deadly chemicals, deadly invisible poisons that rain down up all of us.

And as an act of SELF DEFENSE they must be closed.

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  1. David, Thank you for publishing this interesting and thought provoking theory and standing up in defense of those who cannot defend themselves. I marvel at the thought process of anyone who thinks that because a living creature cannot “speak,” they cannot feel pain or fear. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that they have multiple ways of expressing themselves and very real emotions.
    The hubris, greed and utter lack of empathy of some of us “higher” life forms will never cease to amaze me.

    Comment by Kristan Curtis — September 21, 2009 @ 12:41 am | Reply

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